Hi everyone, welcome to my website. As a dyed in the wool ‘technophobe’ this is a rare concession to technology. I don't really use computers, except in the recording process (which is done by the engineers), I don’t use email or even have a mobile phone, in fact where I live, the mail is still delivered by carrier pigeon!

My guess is that most of you who are looking at this may know more about me than I know about myself, but just in case I've jotted some stuff down to enlighten the uninitiated. The reason I have adopted this website approach, for now at least, is that every time I have spoken to a record company about putting my music out there, it always seems to be inexorably linked with touring, which is a great consumer of time, energy and of course money, in other words, a great obstacle. I may be a luddite in some ways, but only a fool would insist on following old, unviable routes of action without looking at alternatives. It may look like ''if you can't beat 'em join ‘em'' but the facts are that I have been disgruntled with some of the attitudes of the music business for some time now.

I had the privilege of being in an amazing hard working band for twenty five years and over that quarter of a century we certainly paid our dues over and over again. But in such a different, albeit shrinking market (and technology has played a part here) what used to be the norm doesn't seem to fit anymore. I was never a naturally public figure, but now I am re-emerging as an artist in my own right, mostly free from the restrictions of the industry. There will be more to come soon, but for now make the journey, step on the train, and get some Therapy

I hope you like what you see and hear on these pages and thank you for visiting.


Download 'Jim Lea – A Potted History' (PDF-19Kb)

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